TY-308 Chelating dispersant

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Nomenclature:  TY-308 Chelating dispersant

Composition:    Organic acid complexing agent, free of acrylic acid and surfactant

Physical Form: Colorless transparent liquid


Solubility       Soluble in water

Ionic nature     Anionic / Nonionic

pH (1% aqueous solution)      3.5 – 5.5

Solid content (%)    25.0-28.0


It is suitable for improving water quality in printing and dyeing process.

1) Excellent complexing ability and with no foam;

2) Good function of dispersion and suspension to prevent equipment and fabric contamination;

3) Strong function of scale inhibition, scale reduction.


(1) Water treatment   0.05-0.2g/L

(2) Alkaline condition scouring  1-3g/L

(3) Hydrogen peroxide bleaching of cellulose fibers  1-2g/L (As usual, pH request does not exceed 10. 5)

(4) Dacron alkali reduction and dyeing   TY-308  2-4g/L  NaOH  20-30g/L   Detergent 2-3g/L (130 ℃ heat preservation for 30 minutes)

(5) Polyester fabric dyed, printed after soaping and anti-contamination

(6) General soaping   0.1-2g/L

(7) Shrinkage washing of wool fabric   2-3g/L

Storage, Packaging & Transportation:    

Storage:  Store in a cool, dry & ventilated place

Shelf life: 12 months

Packaging:  Plastic barrel at 50 kg / barrel lined with poly bag

Transportation:  Non-dangerous goods    

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