Repairing Agent (Amending Agent)

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Nomenclature: Repairing Agent (Amending Agent)


Physical Form: Milky white liquid


Solubility       Soluble in water

Ionic nature     Cation

pH             6 – 7



This product has excellent dyeing promoting effect and good dyeing ability to disperse dyes of polyester fabric. It can accelerate dyeing speed, increase dyeing rate, improve dyeing quality, shorten dyeing time and repair dyeing defect and stains. In particular for POY silk polyester fabric, it has a strong covering to improve product quality.


For the composition of polyester, such as thread, clothing, and its blended fabrics.

Safety & Precautions: 

Storage, Packaging & Transportation:    

Storage – cool storage, shelf life: 12 months

Packaging – plastic barrel at 125 kg / barrel

Transportation – non-dangerous goods       

1. Disperse dyestuff dyeing, mending agent in high temperature and high pressure 1.5-2.5g/L, atmospheric pressure dyeing 30-50g/L

2. The amount used as a patching agent for dyeing, dyeing defect, stains and mild chicken claw prints is as follows

2-4g/L, NaoH 0.2g/L  by using 3% of Original dyeWarming to 135℃,keep warm 30-40℃ minutes for amending.

Issued by Awen

Date: August 24, 2018   

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