Easy-decontaminating finishing agent

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Nomenclature: Easy-decontaminating finishing agent

Composition:  Special polymer compounds

Physical Form: Yellowish liquid


Solubility         Soluble in water

pH               6.0 – 7.0


This product is a multifunctional finishing agent, suitable for dyeing and finishing of polyester, polyamide, blended fabric/yarn, nylon acetate and spandex, etc., endows fabric with hydrophilic, moisture absorption, perspiration, antistatic, easy decontamination and other properties. It makes polyester fiber and its blended fabric have the general characteristics of natural fiber, easy to clean.

* The polyester fiber has decontamination property;

* The hydrophilic gene is grafted onto the polyester fiber and has the function of moisture absorption and sweating.

* The fabric has conductive group, with good antistatic effect;

* Fabric can be lubricated soft, reducing scratch, crease, and chicken-claw marks;

* Disperse and decompose the oligomer from polyester precipitated in high temperature and high pressure bath, improving the color content of fabric with bright and high degree of cleanliness.


Dipping (impregnating) method: 1~4% (o.w.f);  impregnating at 50℃ for 30-60 minutes

Padding method:  10~50g/L; double-dip-double nip padding; pick-up / liquid retention 65-75% →100-130℃ stoving → final setting 170-190℃

Storage, Packaging & Transportation:    

Storage:  Store in a cool, dry & ventilated place; avoid from direct sunlight and high temperature.

Shelf life:  6 months

Packaging:  Plastic barrel at 125 kg / barrel

Transportation:  Non-dangerous goods

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