Cotton-like Fluffy Agent

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Nomenclature: Cotton-like Fluffy Agent

Production Composition:

Modified polysiloxane silicone polymer

Product introduction:

Cotton-like Fluffy Agent is a kind of multifunctional handle finishing auxiliary newly developed by TY TexChem. The bright point of this product is to make the finished fabric fluffy, soft, thick, super elastic, no yellowing, no color-change, and with water-washing resistance, high-temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance electrolyte, shear resistance. Especially it is adapted to the current popularity of jeans, make the fabrics fluffy, soft and drape.

Product character

Appearance:Milky white liquid

pH:         6-7

Ionic Nature:Weak cation

Solubility   Soluble in water


1. It endows the fabric with fluffy, soft, super elastic, thick and drape style, and the tear strength of fabric can be improved, and more prominent fluffy effects for denim fabrics.

2. This product is easy to use, easy to operate, strong stability, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali electrolyte, shear-resistance, no stratification, no phenomena – such as stick to roller, sticky cylinder, floating, demulsification.

3. With hydrophilic property, penetrate inside to the fabric, change fabric structure, make fabric fluffy softer.

4. Green and environmental protection, does not contain NPEO/APEO, conforms to the European and American environmental protection inspection request

Usage Scope:

*Dyeing factory: Finishing for cotton, polyester, denim;

*Washing plant: Denim, water washing, sweaters, etc., fluffy, soft and thick finish;

*Knitting mill: Knitted fabric can be qualitatively soft and fluffy so that the fabric can be drawn to the required range and not easily deform.

*Towel factory: The finished towel is full, thick and fluffy, soft and absorbent.


This product can be used directly one split into two or three, according to the requirements of the fabric and customer choice of appropriate dosage.

Recommended dosage

Dipping Method:1-5%(o.w.f)        

Pad-batch Method:10-50g/L  single-dip-single nip padding or double-dip-double nip padding.

Storage packaging

125KG or 50KG/barre

Shelf life:  6 months

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