Application Uses and Features
Specialty water repellentagent This is a specialty water repellent agent with less inhibition forflame-retardancy.
This product is designed to impart excellent water repellency without inhibiting flame-retardancy, and it can produce more high-level performance for water repellency and flame-retardancy than ever before.
Crosslinking agent It is a low-temperature curing crosslinking agent and also it will notgenerate aryl amine by heating.
it shows excellent performance as adhesion accelerator or cross-linkerorreinforcing agent.
Fluorine-free water repellent agent It is a non-fluoridated water repellent agent designed to meet sustainability requirement.
Lubricating oil for
knitting and weaving
It gives excellent smoothness and flexibility in knitting and weavingprocess using cheese dyeing or skein dyeing machine.
Softener and flexibilizer
for yarn finish
The lubricates knitting and weaving process by giving an excellentsmoothness and flexibility with processing treatment of cheese dyeing orSkein dying machine.
Wrap sizing agent It is a water soluble polymer-based warp sizing agent. It can be used in combination with starch or polyvinyl alcohol(PVA).
Chelating agent The chelating agent assist other auxiliaries by capturing metal ions inwater.
Scouring and bleaching assistant Show excellent scouring and bleaching performance.They can remove oilsolutions, waxes and cotton waxes which are used in knitting / weaving processes by emulsifying, anti-redeposition, penetrating and removal of primaryimpurity.
Penetrating agent It is a penetrating agent for cotton and polyester / cotton blends. Itcan be applied for scouring, bleaching or cold pad batch dyeing method.
One-pot type scouring agent for hydrogen peroxide bleaching It is a scouring agent for cotton, hemp or their blends which combinedalkaline agent for hydrogen peroxide bleaching, stabilizer and scouringagent.
It has great stabilizing effect of hydrogen peroxide and strong degreasing.
Penetrating agent for
These are penetrating agents for mercerization of cotton or polyester / cotton blends.
It provides an excellent performance of penetrating in aqueous sodium hydroxide(20-30˚Be).
Weight reducing agent It saves time and decreases dosage of sodium hydroxide for hydrolysis ofpolyester fibers with aqueous sodium hydrate.
Penetrating and leveling agent It provides level dyeing effect by excellent penetrating capability.
Reducing prevention
agent for reactive dyes
It is an anti-reduction agent which consists of m-nitrobenzene sulfonicacid sodium salt. It provides great effects of anti-reduction for reactive dye printing, continuous dyeing and disperse dye printing.
Binder for printing It is an excellent fixing agent of gold powder, silver powder and glitterpowder powder for printing, without reducing their luster.
Crosslinking agent It improves remarkably the fastness to rubbing and laundering by improving peel strength of water-based binder which are acrylic type and SBR latex,etc.
Resist printing agent
for reactive dyes
It prevents the coupling reaction between fiber and vinyl sulfone typereactive dye.
It can be applied for white resist printing or colored resist printiing.
Auxiliaries for dischargeprinting Auxiliaries for discharge printing of polyester fiber.
Leveling agent These are leveling agents for reactive dye and direct dye to cellulosefibers. They improve the levelness of dyeing by preventing dyestuffaggregations.
Suspending agent Prevent aggregations of dyestuff complex which is formed by anion / cation dye in one-bath dyeing of cotton / acryl blends.
Migration inhibitor It can achieve coloring evenly by preventing the dyestuff migration in the intermediate drying step of continuous dyeing by padding method.
Soaping agent Improve the wet fastness by removal performance and anti-redeposition ofunfixed dye.
Fixing agent These are a fixing agent for reactive and direct dye for cellulose fibers.
TLEFON prevents felting by masking wool fiber temporarily in treatmentliquid.
Antifelting agent
for dyeing wool
It prevents felting in treatment liquid by masking wool fiber temporarily.
Covering agent It has excellent levelness of dyeing and covering properties to streak problems that occured by false-twisting temperature, setting and tension.
Dispersing and leveling agent These have excellent performance for dispersion, levelness of dyeing, scouring, salt cake resistance, etc.
Auxiliaries for alkaline
It is a complex alkaline agent for polyester fibers used in alkalinedyeing.It prevents oligomer generation, softness of touches and reducingthe rubbing, friction and water mark.
Carrier The carriers assist low-temperature dyeing for polyester, aramid, acrylic and their blends.
Oligomer remover It has an excellent removal capability of oligomers which are attached to the surface of polyester fiber.
Assistant for dyeing
of acrylic fiber
These provide levelness of dyeing effect by excellent migration property and initial dye retardation.
pH sliding agent It is a pH depressant using for dyeing nylon fiber and wool fiber.
it can achieve dyeing evenly by continuously-changing the pH value of a dye bath from alkali or neutral to acid with rising temperature.
Leveling agent for acid dyes These are level dyeing agents.They are customized to dye affinity type or fiber affinity types applying for various dyeing conditions.
Yellowing inhibitor for
It offers excellent yellowing prevention for the lignin and vanillin in cardboard boxes and antioxidants (BHT) in wrapping films.
Anti-staining for nylon It controls attaching direct dye or reactive dye to nylon and prevents or reduces uneven dyeing. It also offers excellent performance forreproducibility dyeing.
Fixing agent for acid
dyes on nylon
It is a fixing agent based on synthesized tannin.
It prevents generating of tars and scums caused by residues of dye affinitytype leveling agent.
Softener in dyeing bath It prevents generating push-fit wrinkle, a rope wrinkle and friction markby giving the flexibility to fabric.
Reduction agent The POWDER is a reduction agent for acidic reduction cleaning. Specially, it provides excellent degrading perfoamance to azo disperse dye.
Decoloration agent It is a decoloration agent for dyed material by disperse dye. It can reduce the color depth dramatically.
Dyeing machine cleaner It has excellent solubility and dispersibility to aggregated complex of decomposed dyestuffs, oligomers and inorganic substance adhered on the dyeing bath.
Nonionic type softening agent HISOFTER and SAFANOL provide slimy softness texture to cotton.
They also show excellent water absorbancy and resistance for oil oxidation.
Anionic type softening agent These provide voluminous and slimy softness texture to knitting and weavingof cellulose fibers.Also it is ideal for softening agent for cotton towel because of the excellent water absorbability and oil oxidation resistance.
Cationic type softening agent ELEGANOL and SAFANOL provide unique slimy texture to cotton or syntheticfabrics.
Silicone type softening agent The series are amino-modified, epoxy-modified or carboxyl-modified dimethylsilicone based softener.
Tear strength
improving agent
Sewing improver
The series prevent warp breakage and ground yarn breakage in high-speed sewing, and also prevent fusion of synthetic material by frictional heat and degradation tear strength in plastification.
Antistatic agent DELECTOL and SANSTAT are antistatic agents for polyester and nylon.
They provide excellent antistatic performance without degrading water andoil repellency, even when it used with fluorinated water and oil repellent agent.
Crosslinking agent It is water-based emulsified blocked isocyanate stabilized by blockingagent.It improves remarkably the durability by using with fluorinated water and oil repellent agent.
Raising assistant It provides excellent softness of texture, homogeneously raising and shortening of raising time.
Rubbing fastness
It improves the dry rubbing fastness for cotton and its blends which are dyed by direct dye, reactive dye, sulfide dye or threne dye.
Chemical setting agents for wool It is a durable chemical-set process agent for wool. It provides superior performance to pleat-set process, flat-set process and anti-pilling process. For instance, it is used for CSIRO-set process.
Fluorinated water and oilrepellent It is fluorinated water and oil repellent.
You can choose a grade from other SERIES according to the requirement ofperformance or material.
non-fluorinated water
These are non-fluorinated water repellent agents, they provide good waterrepellency.
Color deepening agent It is a color deepening agent for polyester. Specially, it provides excellent color deepening effect to black color fabrics.
Durable antistatic agent It provides antistatic property and wash durability to polyester andpolyamide.
Water absorbent/
Soil removal agent
It provides excellent water absorbability, sweat absorbability, antistatic property and soil removability to polyester and polyester/cellulose blends.
Light-fastness improver ANTIFADE MC-500 is a benzotriazol type ultraviolet absorbing agent forregular and cation dyeable polyester. It will not happen tarring/filtering phenomenon at one bath processing with dyeing.
Deodorizer It provides excellent deodorization to various malodorous components.
stabilization processing agent
TY-50 is a morphological stabilization processing agent.It providesexcellent improvements of anti-crease, shrink-proofing and wash/warewithout generating formaldehyde.
Flame-retardant It provides excellent flame retardant to polyester,nylon and cotton.